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IQ Candy is a virtual learning experience platform complete with ready-to-use digital content
providing a complete offline/online teaching and learning solution.


An easy-to-use bilingual (Thai/English) learning platform available on Web/iOS/Android.


Student textbook, Teacher PowerPoint for in-class resources and online teaching video for flipped classroom.


Detailed data and learning analytics with weekly emailed progress reports.


2D and 3D digital learning videos for topics aligned to Thai national curriculum.


Pre- and Post-test topic assessment to monitor student learning progress with blooms taxonomy tracking.


Teacher training on using eLearning in teaching and student training on using system.

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Educating the Future!

IQ Candy is a complete digital learning solution that provides Self-Paced, Live Online, or In-Class learning modules. All the tools needed are provided for a complete teaching and learning experience: premade digital learning materials, easy-to-use content authoring tools, assessment tools, multimedia content, detailed analytics, weekly emailed learner summary of progress in the 3 E's (Engagement, Exploration, Evaluation), and more.


Track how much time you spend learning and what subjects you are learning. A calendar helps schedule your live class time and track how much time you spend on live classes.


We tell you how you are progressing to finish your online courses. Our system will recommend other topics to help improve or expand your learning. Use the practice tests to improve your test-taking skills.


All our topics have a pre-test and post-test to show your learning improvement. We also provide different question types to test your knowledge, and your critical and creative thinking skills.

Please Click Here to learn more about IQ Candy's resources such as courses, learning activities, and textbooks.

Complete Learning Ecosystem

How you learn...

IQ Candy provides all the learning tools students need to learn online or offline. We have printed textbooks or digital ebooks. Our animated teaching videos take students through the textbook and provide online practice problems. Perfect for flipped classrooms or home schooling!

Where you learn...

IQ Candy provides all the teaching tools needed to learn in class or remotely. We provide pre-/post-test assessments and digital learning media for every topic. Perfect for remote learning. We also provide teacher PowerPoints for when they need some in class teaching.

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IQ Candy is explained by Nong Phumi!.  He shares how IQ Candy can make a difference in students' learning development and help your school!

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